Sweroad’s Strategic Advice in Gujarat’s Road Safety

Enhancing Road Safety Management in Gujarat

Sweroad’s strategic advice for Gujarat represents a holistic and effective approach to improving road safety management, showcasing the company’s expertise in delivering sustainable and impactful infrastructure solutions. This case study exemplifies Sweroad’s mission to contribute to human welfare by providing services that are economically efficient, technologically innovative, and sustainable for future communities.


Gujarat has made substantial investments in enhancing its road infrastructure to make it safer. Despite these efforts, the incidence of road accidents has not seen a notable decline. The challenge was multifaceted, involving the need for better implementation, maintenance, and enforcement of road safety management. Additionally, there was a clear gap in the understanding of roles and responsibilities among the six key stakeholders responsible for road safety.


Sweroad stepped in with a comprehensive strategy aimed at addressing these challenges head-on. The approach was multifaceted:

  • Enhanced Cooperation and Communication: Initiatives were introduced to foster better collaboration and dialogue between the various departments responsible for road safety.
  • Capacity Building: Tailored training programs were developed, drawing on Swedish and European standards for effective and efficient road safety management and enforcement practices.
  • Policy Recommendations: Expert advice was provided on necessary policy changes to strengthen the road safety framework.
  • Public Awareness: Support was extended to increase public awareness about the importance of behavioral changes for road safety.


The partnership between Sweroad and the Government of Gujarat yielded significant results:

  • Comprehensive Reporting: A series of reports were produced, covering a wide range of topics from training needs assessment and capacity building status to the evaluation of the impact of multi-sector interventions and a medium to long term action plan for road safety.
  • Educational Initiatives: Through targeted trainings and workshops, there was a marked improvement in the cooperation and communication between the responsible departments.
  • Role Clarity: There was a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each department involved in road safety.
  • Enhanced Capacities: The capacities of the stakeholders in road safety management and enforcement saw considerable improvement.
  • Policy Advancements: Recommendations for policy changes were made to further strengthen the road safety measures.
  • Increased Awareness: There was a noticeable improvement in public awareness regarding road safety.

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