Innovative and sustainable infrastructure

Sweroad provides engineering and management consulting services to public and private entities within the Transport Infrastructure Sector. In 40 years of activity, the company executed assignments in over 80 countries across 5 continents, and remains one of the few truly global consultants in the sector. The company was governed by the Swedish Transport Administration until 2018 and is now privately held. Our teams are always carefully structured towards the tasks with in-depth knowledge of the challenges in each project. Working together with Sweroad on different projects in different countries is challenging, exciting and creates memories for life.

Innovative and sustainable infrastructure solutions for the advancement of future communities

Swedish National Road Consulting celebrating 40 years of operations

Intelligent Transport Systems

Innovative solutions for transportation

Throughout our history of connection with the Swedish government, we gleaned managerial experience which enabled us to lead change processes and institutional development from a government perspective. Many of our specialists are sourced from national institutions within the transport sector, and they have a unique ability to understand the challenges of our public customer. Our tight collaboration with the Swedish industry allows us to always be updated on the most recent trends and innovative technologies.

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