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Road Safety in Cambodia’s Rural Areas

Enhancing Awareness and Safety on Rural Roads Northeast of Phnom Penh

This initiative not only aims to reduce the number of road accidents but also serves as a model for integrating road safety awareness with infrastructure development. By addressing road safety from both an infrastructural and educational perspective, Cambodia is making strides towards creating safer roads for its citizens. This case study showcases Sweroad’s expertise in executing comprehensive road safety projects, reinforcing its commitment to delivering sustainable infrastructure solutions that cater to the safety and well-being of communities.


Cambodia has historically struggled with a poor road safety record, with an increasing trend in road-related fatalities and injuries. In response, the Cambodian government has committed to reducing these incidents by 10 percent annually. Specifically, local and provincial roads in the northeast region of Phnom Penh were identified for rehabilitation to mitigate the high risk of road accidents.


A multi-faceted approach was adopted to tackle this challenge head-on. Key initiatives included the launch of safety awareness campaigns targeted at local communities to educate and promote safer road usage behaviors. Additionally, a thorough road safety assessment was integrated at multiple stages of the road rehabilitation process—during the conceptual design phase, the detailed design phase, and after the completion of construction works. These assessments focused on identifying and implementing necessary road safety measures.


The comprehensive road safety campaign and meticulous assessment procedures have significantly enhanced road safety in the targeted area. By implementing strategic safety measures and raising awareness among local populations, a notable decrease in road accidents is anticipated. This project, under the guidance of the Ministry of Rural Roads and financed by the World Bank, stands as a testament to Cambodia’s dedication to improving road safety and saving lives.

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