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Enhancing Road Infrastructure in Lao PDR

Upgrading and Ensuring Safety on Lao PDR’s NR20 Bridge

his project exemplifies a strategic approach to infrastructure development, focusing on safety, efficiency, and sustainability. By upgrading these critical bridges, Lao PDR has taken a significant step forward in enhancing its transportation infrastructure, ensuring that Road No 20 can safely accommodate the needs of its users all year round. This case study demonstrates Sweroad’s capability in overseeing complex infrastructure projects, delivering solutions that are both practical and impactful, in alignment with global standards and local development goals.


In the southern region of Lao PDR, Road No 20 was served by 12 Bailey Bridges, which, over time, had become worn out and unsafe for traffic. Originally designed as single-lane structures, these bridges were no longer adequate to meet the current traffic demands, posing significant safety risks and operational inefficiencies.


The project embarked on a comprehensive plan to replace these outdated Bailey Bridges with new, modern structures designed for two-lane traffic. This upgrade was aimed at not only enhancing the safety and reliability of these crossings but also at accommodating a greater volume of traffic, thereby improving the overall flow and safety on Road No 20.


The reconstruction of the 12 bridges along Road No 20 marked a significant improvement in road infrastructure within Lao PDR. The upgraded bridges now ensure safe, efficient traffic flow throughout the year, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and congestion. This project was executed under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, with financial backing from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), highlighting a successful collaboration between national and international partners to improve Lao PDR’s transportation network.

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