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Advancing Road Safety in Kazakhstan with EuroRAP

Elevating Road Infrastructure Safety Standards

This initiative represents a pivotal step towards reducing road traffic accidents in Kazakhstan by leveraging international best practices in road safety assessment and improvement. Through the EuroRAP program, Kazakhstan is setting a new standard for road safety, demonstrating a commitment to protecting lives and enhancing the safety of its road infrastructure. This case study highlights Sweroad’s expertise in delivering impactful road safety solutions that align with global standards and local needs.


Kazakhstan’s road network was plagued by a high incidence of vehicular accidents, underscoring an urgent need for enhanced road safety measures.


To address this critical issue, a comprehensive approach was adopted, involving an extensive analysis of the republic’s road network, crash data, and the national legislative framework governing road safety. Central to this strategy was the application of the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) methodology, a proven system for assessing and improving road infrastructure safety.


The initiative yielded significant advancements in road safety assessment and planning in Kazakhstan:

  • EuroRAP Assessment: Approximately 5,000 km of public roads of national importance and around 1,000 km of city streets underwent a thorough safety assessment using the EuroRAP framework. This helped identify critical safety improvements needed across the network.
  • Capacity Building: A focused training program was developed and delivered, resulting in 20 national experts being certified in the EuroRAP methodology. These experts are now equipped to conduct independent road safety assessments throughout the country.
  • EuroRAP Center of Excellence: Foundational documents were prepared for the establishment of a “EuroRAP Center of Excellence” in Kazakhstan. This center is envisioned to serve as a hub for road safety excellence, fostering ongoing improvements and expertise in road infrastructure safety.
  • Road Safety Improvement Proposals: Detailed proposals were crafted for the implementation of targeted road safety enhancements, accompanied by a comprehensive budget plan to guide investments in road traffic safety improvements.

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